My name is Mikalina.  I am a white, middle class, queer, married, fat, pagan, childless woman.  I was born in 1977.  I am married to a really nice man.  His last name is Kirkpatrick, and now so is mine.  We live with a couple of furry aging pets in Portland, Oregon.  We are working hard to be a happy family.  Sometimes it comes really easy. Sometimes not so much.

My work is breaking ancestral chains of abuse, addiction, and suffering.  My work is to unlearn toxic, constrictive patterns of living that no longer serve me. My work is to find my home in my body.  My work is to always be searching for my truth.  My work is to share some of the things I have learned.

I am committed to the politics and spirituality of the uprising of the divine feminine.  I am committed to curiosity and the quest for self compassion. I am committed to healing my relationship with my body.  Call it fat positive. Call it fat liberation, body positive, HAES, Body Trust.  Call it healing.  Call it coming home to myself.

I thrive when I am finding adventure and meaning in life.  I thrive when I listen to that quiet, still voice.  I thrive when I sit down and write.  I thrive when I let myself be guided by spirit. I thrive when I let myself be comfortable in the wild unknown, and follow the thread.

You can email me at dingdangdoodle@gmail.com

Please, no solicitors or ass-hats, thank you.

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